Elizabeth GorceyGorcey views life as an opportunity to create, whether it's on canvas, directing, producing and acting for films, or just everyday letter writing. "Creating is nourishment for my soul" affirms Gorcey. Growing up in Long Branch, New Jersey, she has gathered much color, characters and life to create from.

If you don't find Gorcey running with her Boxer, Bowie, or just running around with a camera filming you or someone, you can catch her working on one of the charities she has founded, Caring Strokes (CS) or The Lloyd Gorcey Charitable Foundation (LG Charitable).

Production is not new to Gorcey, she has been organizing, raising funds and public awareness for years with her nonprofit art program CS for terminally ill, HIV+ kids and teens.

LG Charitable was put in place to take over where her late, philanthropic brother, Lloyd left off. Giving education, scholarships, medical necessities, recreation to children, teens and adults.

This tireless, multi-tasker and innovative worker is a woman who believes in trusting her own instincts, as well as giving something back to the community and the world.